Skull All-Stars is a Philippine multi-genre band from Dasmarinas, Cavite formed in 2010. The three main members of the band consists of musician/vocalist Hazel Espiritu (Poison Sting), vocalist Nathaniel Dumduma (White Cape), and dancer Michael Arevalo (Marsh Axel). Skull All-Stars divides into three groups, S.A.S Aero dance group, S.A.S Acaskella singing group, and S.A.S Audio Weapon System instrumental group.

Formation and Early Beginnings (2010-2011)Edit

They started in first year high school in Immaculate Conception Academy - West Campus (a semi-private non-sectarian school in Dasmarinas City), Espiritu was disappointed that the famous dance band called "3s Bozz Machel" is disbanded by her rival named Jamela Basan. "That's not true that 3s Bozz Machel hasn't disbanded, I absent last friday and then now you said is it disbanded?!". Espiritu was cried after she heard that news. After that incident, she meet her bestfriend named Pamela Marcos, Marcos suggest that she wants to create a band. "Many groups that always do their bad influences like cutting classes to loaf around the mall,

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